Monday, September 13, 2004

Perking Up Is Not Just for Coffee

Can't keep dragging. Several friends have offered good suggestions for how to get out of the drug problem (that doesn't sound right, but see previous post to clarify) and I am going to look into them. The reality is that we will probably scrape the money together to buy the COBRA continuation insurance as long as we can afford to and hope that Michael finds work soon.

Here's a plug for Michael: He is a fine writer and editor with excellent experience and good references. He has worked in a variety of industries, so his outlook is broad. He has two degrees - a BS in Professional Writing and a BA in History. He edited a national bi-monthly magazine for a large corporation. HE CAN WRITE ANYTHING.

If you have any contacts for a job (preferably in Houston, buy, hey, we're flexible) let me know.

It is nice to have Michael across the desk from me for the time being. Before, he and Tori (the 13 year old) would leave at 7:00 AM for work and school, and I would spend most days alone except for incidental contacts. That is not so bad for a writer, of course. I need to be alone to do my work. But the company is nice. Nicer yet would be to find a way to spend time with him and make money ... that's worth thinking about. The down side of having him at home is that I can't be a slouch - he knows if I'm working or not!!!

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