Monday, September 19, 2005

My publicity photo. Thank you, Michael.

I can't upload the poster. It's in a .pdf file and maybe it's just too big. Here are two other photos for you. On the left is the basic fish that the poster is built around. Fossilized because that's an item in the play and pink because it's being done for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

On the right is the publicity photograph that is going into the programs. I like it. Michael always makes me smile a happy smile instead of a cardboard one, and he gets things just right about posing me. It makes me look damn good for my age ... I'm old enough to get the senior meals at IHOP, you know.


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Anonymous said...

I found your blog doing a google search on your play title. I loved reading what you wrote. I hope I can see your play this weekend -- we are crazy busy (as usual) but with a particularly frenzied aspect this weekend -- mominlaw's 80th birthday party (a surprise) that we are hosting (not a surprise, but...) with a sisinlaw coming from Canada (another surprise for her mother) and our son's homecoming dance on the same day... --Dana