Thursday, April 27, 2006

Shoulderette and Lemon Lime Too

Shoulderettes and Lemon Lime Too

My good friend, Bertie, who lives in Washington near the Canadian border, is a world-class weaver and spinner. That is not a figure of speech, although Bertie is too modest to make much of her successes. When her daughter, Eileen, got married, Bertie spun the wool into thread, then woven the fabric, and finally, sewed the wedding dress! Astonishing.

Last year, before she moved to Washington, Bertie agreed to knit something for me – a shoulderette.

Shoulderette Aside: A shoulderette is like a shawl with sleeves (if it is loose) or like a shrug (if it is snug). I first saw one in the Levenger’s catalogue 20 or so years ago. I wanted to buy it then, but thought it was a luxury. Dumb move, because I have never seen them since.

So, Bertie took several skeins of lovely, light brown wool I had been saving for years for an unnamed crocheting project of my own, and moved to Washington. In December, she told me that a package would be coming to me. The package never came. It seems that some Grinchy creature stole my shoulderette out of Bertie’s mailbox, along with her Christmas cards for friends in Houston. I felt terrible for Bertie’s lost work and my lost gift. I decided I would never own such a thing.

Miraculously, a shoulderette appeared in my mailbox last week from Bertie. Not the original one, but a second one that she made with left over yarn. Bertie is such a dear. It fits me just fine and, although it is not too cool by this time of year, last night was quite chilly and I got to wear it and show it off to the Crones. So “thank you,” Bertie, for service above and beyond the call of friendship.

On to Lemon Lime Too. The Houston Photographic Society, which I belong to by virtue of a family membership and which Michael is president of this year, has a monthly competition/critique meeting. Besides letting people show in the categories of B&W and color, the club also has a special category. This month they chose “edibles.”

I had a great idea for a photograph and told Michael about it, thinking he might take the picture. Well, he had his own ideas and suggested I take the photograph in question. So I did. It required some setup, but the results turned out beautifully. I photographed a slice of lemon and a slice of lime in a wine glass full of club soda with a blue backdrop. The picture just thrilled me. It thrilled the judge, too, because I received the first place ribbon in special categories. This is the first time I won an award for photography, but it is only the second time I have put a photograph into the competition, so maybe that’s a good sign.

How nice to get a shoulderette and a first place ribbon for Lemon Lime Too in the same week.


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