Sunday, August 12, 2007

Rebirth of a BLog

I last blogged in November of 2006. Nine months ago. This blog essay is my rebirth into blogging. Why did I take time off? The obvious answer is to gestate, but I must admit that I did not stop writing with that intention. Much like the woman who doesn't intend to get pregnant, but does, nature has taken it's course. I needed some time for other things, for myself. I used the time productively. I morphed from intellectualizing to hands-on and spent a great deal of time on projects around my house.

I replaced the towering bookcases in the living room with shorter, less obtrusive ones. I found a door to fit the disturbingly irregular doorway into my studio. (That project is still not finished, but that's another blog.) Michael and I designed and built a 230 square foot terrace in the front yard and landscaped the grounds freshly, a project that required so much physical labor we overwhelmed ourselves. The continual rain of this spring and early summer in Houston did not help us either!

I started refinishing the kitchen table, but got sidetracked. I will be back at that in September. There are many other, smaller accomplishments from the past nine months that I won't bore you with. The point is that I needed to immerse myself in some non-intellectual, non-sentient labor and reground myself. I did, and here I am, ready to write again.

On Wednesday I am going to leave town for ten days, so don't expect much from me until after August 25th, when I return. My parents home in Montana is not necessarily blog friendly - too many hassles getting computer access and privacy to write. If I luck into computer time at the local library, I will check in. Otherwise, see you in a few ...

If you are new to my blog, you could read some of the archives. I have some excellent writing there!


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