Monday, July 20, 2009

Kittens with Attitude - Need Good Homes

This is Kitten # 3, the only boy in the bunch. I caught him last and he is still a little scared, but when I pick him up, he snuggles up with me and purrs, purrs, purrs. I think this boy will make a nice house cat.
This is Kitten # 2. I practically snatched her out of midair as she was trying to climb over her brother to get to the food. As her number suggests, I caught her second. She is tinier than the others, but has a very assertive personality and doesn't let the "twins" bully her.
This is Kitten # 1. She stumbled into a trap we set to catch an adult feral for a trap-neuter-release event. We terrified her at first, but now she is tame and wants to be picked up and petted. If she doesn't get enough lap time, she lets us know it!

I have some video, too. Unfortunately, I haven't mastered the technique for getting it from my camera to the internet yet. I'm working on it.

These three darlings need homes soon. They are at a great stage for bonding with new owners. We took them to our vet for check-ups, baby shots, and deworming. They will need another baby shot in a bit, and, when they are 5 to 6 months old, they will have to be neutered. We can't rescue these babies from the hard, short life of a feral cat only to see them join the kitten production line in a few months.

So if you knows a nice person or family who would like a nice kitten, please contact me asap. If you contact me from the blog, remember that I can't reply to your comments directly, so you need to give me some kind of contact information.

Thanks for your good wishes for these kittens!

Ciao (or should I say Meow?)

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