Thursday, January 07, 2010

my name is fraNkie

my name is frankie my brother has been saying mean things abou5t me on the com0puter i think he shouldbt do that becasdiue i am just a littkle cat i amn not even 1 year old yet i cant dfo as many thingfs as smudge can but he is not as soft and berautiful as i am trixie is the meanest cat alive she scatres me a lto lots of things scare mne becdause i am not used toi inside noises ort people

i lived outside all my life until mom tricked me into coming inside at first i didnt mind because myu sisters were wityh me then they webnt away most of the time smudgte is a good brother he plauys with me every day and we sleep nest to each other too smudge is not afread of trixie sometomes he even chases her until she takes a swipe at him then even smudge will back away i usually just flp on my back when she gets close to me she wont hirt me whemn i show her my tummy

mom likews to brish me and pet me i like it too but sometimes she moves too fast and i get scared and run away smudge saod i was too dumb to eat my food without mom showing it to me but that is not true i jist dont like to get too vlose until i knoe that it is safe for me

so plrease dont believe thngs sthat smudge says agbout me i am a nice cat and he knows it if you see my cat mom tell her i said hi and i havent forgotten about her i wish she was not outside in this cold weather but mom and m are puttig out extra foods for the outsoide cats this weel to help them stay warm

it is nice to meet you

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