Tuesday, April 16, 2013

ECO Award and Scarf Chic

Oh, for crying out loud!! I had so much trouble getting into my browser and then to my blog today that I can't remember what I intended to write when I got here! So I will take the opportunity to update a couple of happy items in my life.

Last March, I was the lucky winner of WiVLA's Educational and Cultural Opportunity Award (for a writer) of $1,000. I used the money to pay for editing services from Sarah Cortez, a fantastic writer (poet, essay, memoir) and teacher I have taken classes from in the past. With Sarah, I worked on my memoir, The Requirements of Love, which you may have read about in my blog in February. (If you missed it, feel free to go back and take a look.)

Tonight, I am giving my report on how I used the ECO award. That is, I will be reading the first chapter of my manuscript at the WiVLA meeting. This is very exciting. I have done so much work on the book this year. My ultimate goal for the memoir was to have it ready to submit to the Mayborn Literary Non-Fiction manuscript competition this summer. I am already signed up to do that.

Another exciting element of my life is my show at Galveston's Art Walk this Saturday, April 20th. Entitled "Scarf Chic," the show will be at the Tremont House hotel from 6 - 10 pm. I will be showing my handcrafted scarves. The varieties include ribbon scarves, ruffle scarves, infinity scarves, knotted scarves, and string scarves. I am quite excited about this and I hope that someone actually comes to the show and perhaps even buys a scarf!! The hotel is putting on a reception with wine and food, so it should be enjoyable. If you can get to Galveston Saturday night, please join me for the party.

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