Monday, February 06, 2006

Vermont Studio Center - Day One

February 5, 2006
When the Sunday paper gives you a bad horoscope, watch out. Especially if you are traveling. Today is the day I embarked on my writing residency adventure. I left Houston on a 9:00 am flight, through Detroit, and into Burlington at 3:30 pm. There, the VSC shuttle was to pick me up. I say, “Was” because it never happened.
First, let’s address flying through Detroit. Today is Super Bowl Sunday. The Super Bowl is being held in Detroit. Need I say more? The plane was chock full. Second, there was supposed to be a blizzard in Detroit last night and today. Fortunately, that did not materialize; however, a mechanical failure in our puddle jumper to Burlington did develop, leaving a planeload of people stranded on a very small plane at the gate for two hours – to hours during which the last VSC shuttle left the Burlington airport without me.
As a mature adult, I did not let this get to me. I simply read the book I had brought long in case of blizzard and planned my next move after consulting by phone with Kathy Black at VSC.
Gear Aside: Modern technology is just so wonderful. I have traveled for many years and never has a screw-up been so easy to deal with. Cell phones, the internet, online reservations … fabulous stuff. I called VSC from the plane and they gave me quote on taxi rates and a number to call for the best fare. I called Michael from the plane and he checked prices on car rentals in Burlington for me. When I discovered that it would not be a benefit to rent a car, I arranged a $60 cab ride. Ouch, but at least I was not stranded. Moreover, the price would have been higher without the referral from VSC.
I did get to the Vermont Studio Center, although at 7 pm instead of 4:30 pm. They nicely saved me a tasty dinner. I met the people who were on the shuttle I missed. I am in my room and all unpacked. It worked out fine, horoscope or not.
Room Aside: It is not the Ritz, but it is big and has a huge desk to work on. Actually, I think this is a door or a kitchen countertop. I believe it will work for me just fine. The bed is narrow and short, but I like to curl up in my sleep, so that’s okay. I am in Bivins House. The Green River should be visible outside my back window, I’ll know in the morning.
Tomorrow I will catch up on the orientation I missed today and attend a writers’ meeting. I also plan to go to meditation at 7 am. That said, I need to get to bed. It will probably be tomorrow when I post this, but the date in the title is the date of the events. Since I don’t have internet hookup in my room, I will not be able to post regularly, but I will put things up as often as I can.
Ciao from Vermont.

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