Tuesday, February 07, 2006

VSC Day Two

February 6, 2005
It started snowing last night and has snowed off and on all day. Each time I left my building, I found the snow line a bit higher. In the afternoon, the sun tried to melt it, but failed. With the afternoon chill and darkening evening, it just accumulated more and more.
My building is set back behind the two other buildings and the foot traffic is light. When I went to dinner at 6:00, I stepped out into a dark night reflecting off a pure white, untouched blanket of down.

The rising wind blew the snow into my face, stinging my cheeks with pinpricks of cold, as if quilting me. I could have raised my hood and fended off some of the sharpness, but I didn’t want to. Walking a block into the wind-driven snow is a rare treat I have not experienced in twenty-odd years.

At that time, I did not find it a treat. Perhaps I will lose my giddy delight in snow showers quite soon here in Vermont as well. I don’t really expect to, though. This small town, dark and silent, with few cars disturbing the quiet, is a step backwards into my past. A glance at then that I can appreciate now.

With red L. L. Bean snow boots to encase my feet, a red Lands End parka to cuddle my body, and fleecy red accessories for my head, throat, and hands, I fear nothing the weather can bring.

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