Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Very Bad News about fraNkie

My brother is missing. He slipped out of the house last Saturday when M was going in and out to do yard work. Mom looked for fraNkie when dinner time came and he didn't show up, but could not find him anywhere in the house or the garage. Personally, I think he could actually be in the garage or in their big girl's room because those are such a mess a cat could get lost. But I would never say that to Mom and M because it is a sore subject for them.  

I know Mom thought fraNkie would be home on Sunday, beside himself because he missed dinner, but it did not happen. And it has not happened since then either. Mom keeps checking the backyard and she's been putting out extra food for the wild cats, too, in case he is sneaking in to eat when she's not around. Mom is very sad. 

She told me that, while I'm her best cat ever, she really loved how soft and cuddly fraNkie could be when he decided to let her pet him. She misses him coming on their bed at night for pets and she misses his wonderful purring. Now, if I were not so certain of my place in Mom's heart, this might worry me, but I am not that kind of cat. I spend my special time with Mom every single day and even when I am not resting on her chest, she tells me how much she loves me. 

I have gotten the feeling lately that I might have to cut back on my kibbles and treats. Mom rearranges me when I snuggle down on her and says, "Smudge, I can't breathe!" There's no way I intend to give up my snuggles, so I guess I have to face my weight issues head on. I am not giving up snuggling with Mom. The snuggling I like more than anything else is crawling into the sleeve of her big sweatshirt when she's wearing it. Then she wraps it around me and it feels just like heaven, so safe and cozy. 

Well, enough about me. Worrying about fraNkie is getting Mom down and I wish I could figure out what to do. One night when M went out to feed the wild cats, I slipped out myself. I figured I could find fraNkie faster than anyone else since I know the cat territory. But I chickened out. That big dark yard reminded me of when I was scared and cold and sick, before Mom whispered me inside, and I couldn't take it. I ran back in the house as quick as I could. 

Sorry fraNkie, I didn't mean to let you down. I wish you would come home because Mom and M miss you and I do, too. (The mean cat doesn't care about that, though; she's hoping I'll go away now too so she can have Mom and M all to herself.) I did hear M say that if fraNkie didn't come back, they would get me another pet. That would be nice, but my brother would be nicer. 

If everyone thinks good thoughts about fraNkie coming home, maybe he will show up soon.

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