Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Who's da' cat?? I'm da' cat!!

Oh, yeah. I'm da' cat all right. Where did I say fraNkie probably was? In the messy garage or Tori's messy bedroom. Well, guess what? M found fraNkie in the garage tonight. How about that?

     Do you remember me mentioning a while back that fraNkie was not the brightest kit in the litter?? Mom gave me a hard time for picking on him when I said it, but honestly, I was just telling the truth. Okay, now I have proof. That cat has been in the garage since Saturday night with no food or water. Mom and M looked for him out there more than once. They called him from the door more than once. They left the door ajar more than once while they did people errands in and out. And did fraNkie come out? No. Not even to eat!! I'm sorry, but that is a d**b cat.

     Not only that, he won't come in tonight! He's hiding from Mom of all the d**b ideas. She brought him food and water and left it for him and he did eat a little. I went out to talk to him and "bring him in" as they say in the spy movies. (Oh, yeah, I love spy movies ... I watch them with M quite often.) Well, he wouldn't come in even for his brother. And after I told everyone that I missed him ... Sheesh, talk about embarrassing a fellow in front of his friends.

     Well, Mom is coming to shut down the computer so I have to run. I heard her tell M that they should leave the garage door open all night, even after they turn off the lights, so M went out and locked the big door in the front. We'll see if I can coax him into the house after my people are in bed. Wish me luck.

     And thanks for your kind thoughts. They probably are what made fraNkie show his tail to M tonight. (Literally: He thought he was hiding, but his big ole' butt was hanging out. LOL I told you fraNkie was d**b, but he's my brother and I love him.)

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